SpecialMask by GUFO Design, washable masks with replaceable certified filter

5 levels of filtration - 100% cotton on the skin - Washable nanofiber mask

Washable masks with filter


The mask is mandatory accessory to protect ourselves at this critical time, but wearing masks washable with a pattern and colors we like -- it makes all the difference. Depending on your daily outfit, you can choose which certified washable masks to match your look.

*Filter washable masks are not a medical device.

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Comfortable and breathable

  1. A simple act like wearing our washable masks helps protect ourselves and those around us.
  2. SpecialMask is comfortable, available in many designs and suitable for any face.
  3. It is neither a Personal Protective Equipment nor a sanitary device, but comes with a 5-layer PM 2.5 filter*.


*The filter, if used daily, should be replaced weekly.

Fabric masks

Inside the store Gufo you will find the fabric masks you have been looking for for a while. We have made breathable cotton fabric masks in patterns and colors to suit all tastes. Christmas is coming and it's going to be different, like we never imagined. None of us can choose not to protect ourselves and others-that's why fabric face masks can still keep us close to our loved ones and brighten up our attire with a touch of personality. Gufo has selected fabric face masks for you and your loved ones with thoughtful designs and a certified replaceable nanofiber filter.

Fabric masks Gufo are washable and protect interactions with our fellow humans, protecting each other from the virus. You will have only cotton in contact with your skin, and you can wash it frequently without ruining the cloth masks Gufo. The holidays are getting closer and closer, and the inability to experience them as we have always done creates a not inconsiderable collective discomfort, but if you think of fabric masks Gufo as a possible Christmas gift for your relatives and relatives-in-law ... something already changes. Getting together and wearing a mask that has the color or mood that most characterizes us could turn the Holidays around.

With cloth masks you will always see only the eyes and never the whole face, but you can choose what to have your face wear! Gufo has come up with cloth masks to provide you with an essential and unique accessory in this unfinished pandemic. Choose your SpecialMask directly online and find the right one for your sweetheart. You can indulge yourself with the many fabric mask patterns Gufo and think of all the possible combinations with your clothing. Hurry, some fabric masks are already sold out, but many more SpecialMasks Gufo are waiting to be a display of courage, strength and happiness.

Of course, certified washable masks are not suitable for high-risk environments, but using the precautions suggested by current regulations, they are the right accessory for walking in environments with other people and performing your daily activities.

Gufo has selected a line full of choices for all tastes and ideal for making Christmas gifts unimaginable until last year. Washable filter masks serve to protect ourselves and those around us, but also to make interaction with each other enjoyable by giving some color and personality to the covered face. I also invite you to think about the eco-friendly choice of Gufo so that you can make it your own...buying washable masks allows for a reduction in the production and consumption of disposable masks. Remember that it is still essential to change the filter of certified washable masks frequently so as not to compromise their efficiency.

From the Blue model to the Zebra model, the choices are more than colorful, and by scrolling through all the washable masks with filter on the Gufo page , you may come across the perfect one for each of your family members or joint friends. Before your favorite bears the indelible mark that says "out of stock," take a tour of the online shop Gufo and appreciate the workmanship of the certified washable masks that will dress your face during the winter.

Each one of us is doing in our small and large ways what we can to make this moment last as little as possible, which is why it is important to abide by all the rules and to have one's mask with one at all times. That this can then also be a source of aesthetic pride and a show of personality and cheerfulness can only be a good thing...we need to feel safe and to nurture hope and courage within ourselves and in the people we have around us. If we are smiling under the washable masks, it shows.




Filters with 5-layer PM 2.5 technology

  1. First layer of non-woven splash-proof fabric (large particles)
  2.  Second meltblown layer (meltblown cloth) filters small particles up to 0.30 micron
  3. Anti-pollution activated carbon third layer
  4. Fourth meltblown layer (meltblown cloth) filters particles 2.5
  5. Fifth layer of non-allergenic nonwoven fabric

The 5-layer nanofiber filtration system allows high filtering efficiency and at the same time provides maximum breathability to washable masks.

  • Easily replaceable
  • Each SpecialMask ships with a filter included
  • High breathability and comfort
  • Water repellent

The 5-layer nanofiber filtration system enables high filtering efficiency and at the same time ensures maximum breathability.

  • Easily replaceable
  • Each SpecialMask ships with a filter included
  • High breathability and comfort
  • Water repellent

Safety with Style

Our masks are sterilized and packaged in special bag ensuring the highest possible hygiene.

Pure cotton fabric


The inner fabric of washable masks Gufo is pure cotton and fits every face to keep your movements and speech smooth and comfortable. Washable masks with filter Gufo have 5 layers with activated charcoal--this feature does not make them personal protective or health devices, but they do protect you effectively.


Material and dimensions

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- Inner layer: 100% cotton. Outer layer: 94.5% polyester fiber, 5.5% elastane. However, the outer layer may vary depending on the pattern you choose.
- Masks per adult: 24 cm x 15 cm.


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Before wearing for the first time the masks washable, remove the filter and wash the mask.
Always remove the filter before each wash.
It is recommended to wash gently in warm water with mild soap.


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PM 2.5 5-layer anti-particulate technology against dust, pollen and bacteria.

Le masks washable are shipped with a filter included.
It is advisable to use the filter for up to one week.
Store filters in a clean, dry place.
Do not wash, clean or scrub the filter.

Filtering Efficiency

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It is neither a Personal Protective Equipment nor a medical device.

Our masks reduce the risk of respiratory gases, noxious odors, pollen, smoke, dust and other harmful particles. It also protects against toxins and pollutants in the air.

PM2.5 pollutant particles are less than 2.5 microns in diameter, or 30 times smaller than a hair, and are among the six most polluting substances. Prolonged exposure to this particulate matter is considered highly harmful to human health.

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