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Zebra Stone Wooden Watch

153,63 $ 153,63 $


Zebra Stone Wooden Watch

153,63 $ 153,63 $

Realized with the vibrating ZEBRA wood, rare and of strong personality, Zebra Stone connects together a defined color and an unique design.  

The particular is the unconventional shape of the case and the unique wood, vibrating, strong, defined.

No wrist will be unnoticed with the originality of the Zebra Stone Wooden Watch.


Movement: Quartz Citizen  (Miyota 2035 Precision Movement)

Case: 45 mm, glass-reinforced membrane steel resistant to any bump

Materials: Zebra Wood, Stainless Steel

Weight: 40 g

Adjustable strap: 24 cm

Power: Battery included

Water resistance: rainproof

Warranty: 24 months


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