• Black Etna


      Ash, Sandalwood, Saffron. "An elegant explosion of unstoppable essences." Black Etna is a unique olfactory journey where exclusive woody notes meet with the exceptional fragrances of Sandalwood, Patchouly, Vanilla, Saffron and Ash. Each spray encapsulates the intensity and mystery of Etna by remaining about 3 days on the skin, transporting anyone who...

    • Persuasion


      Crafted with a masterful touch of craftsmanship, Persuasione captures harmonious, floral notes that blend with the vibrant, pungent notes of Sicilian citrus, creating a unique blend that balances sweetness and sensuality. Wearing Persuasione will immerse you in an aura of irresistible attraction, leaving a trail of beauty and mystery everywhere...

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