• Roger


      The strength of steel and the refinement of zebrano wood. Roger. Strength and vibrant colors.

    • Johnny


      LENSES: The highest quality polarized mirrored lenses with 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays, the mirrored lenses give an incredible touch of color that varies according to light projection. MATERIAL: The material used is bamboo, known for its strength and durability. They are, in addition, coated with a resin that makes them more...

    • GUFO 8


      LENSES: Available with different coloration lenses: blue mirrored, red mirrored, brown, black gradient, classic green. The glasses are equipped only with high-quality lenses with 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays. They are also polarized so as to prevent polarized, thus reflected, light from reaching the eyes, thus reducing...

    • Douglas


      Douglas are the ambition, the whimsical charm typical of celebrities, but also the indifference of those with extreme confidence and self-control. "If your work is not exciting, don't mix emotions, where is the challenge? Where is the progress if you always play it safe?" - Michael Douglas

    • GUFO 2


      Dark model: The frame has a dark-colored wood that makes the eyewear more elegant

    • Dante


      Fusione tra natura e Design Realizzati con la fusione di legno wenge e quercia argentata, i Dante incarnano lo spirito sofisticato della natura e ti invitano a fare un viaggio verso la tua vera essenza, per raggiungere la tua autenticità.

    • Lennon


      Here Comes the Sun: Lennon

    • Elliot


      Express the most intriguing version of you

    • Dustin


      Dustin, a model that encapsulates the charm, boldness and originality of GUFO. Suitable for men and women who do not want to be called simply "ordinary."

    • Jackson 4


      Un’icona di stile dal design inconfondibile. Eleva il tuo stile con gli occhiali Jackson 4. Realizzati con legno di ebano dal look deciso e inconfondibile, questi occhiali aggiungono un tocco di classe a qualsiasi outfit. 

    • New Johnny


      New Johnny was born out of a desire to reinvent oneself, to show that part of oneself that has always been there but never represented. It is for the gloomy, the bold those who do not need much to be interesting.

    • Maverick Brown


      Maverick means nonconformity, not abiding by the rules of the game. GUFO thinking of this eyeglass asked "why not make the rules ourselves?"

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