GUFO Fashion Design

GUFO is the Italian eco-friendly brand known for its wooden creations and refined style. We deal with design in all its forms: designing and producing innovative and eco-friendly pieces ranging from clothing to accessories, always aiming to achieve a style that stands out from the usual canons.

Originality, Modernity, Uniqueness

These are the three elements that strongly characterize the style GUFO: originality for the material they are made of, wood, which is emerging as the trend of the moment in the eco-fashion industry given its environmentally sustainable nature; modernity, since the style we imprint combined with such a distinctive material make our accessories visually striking; uniqueness, because they are inimitable in their design, which stands out with some extremely distinctive and some very eccentric models.


The unrepeatability of the DNA of wood in each product makes our accessories always different and unique.



GUFO is an Italian project, conceived by Giuseppe Marino, a designer and creative in the web marketing industry.

With GUFO , we wanted to make an inimitable, fashionable and quality product that also has zero impact on the environment.

La customization underlies our concept, and that is why we design custom-made products. By combining our experience and the right input with the client's imagination and fantasy, we are able to find a perfect match between two streams of ideas, extrapolating an accessory that will possess an inimitable style.

Our project started by drawing the shapes we liked; then we transferred them to wood and created them, Paying attention to three crucial points:

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